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SABC1 Skeem Saam

Assupol continues to be the sponsor of the Skeem Saam youth drama series on SABC1 on the Monday to Friday 18h30 slot.

In Season 4, Skeem Saam continues to bring hard-hitting stories that are inspired by life. The question of “what makes a man” continues to evolve. Kwaito reaches a new level of desperation and begins a downward spiral of bad decision-making that will have irreversible consequences for himself and his family. The Seakamelas will face one of their biggest challenges yet, especially because their arch-enemy Lelo Mthiyane has ratcheted up so much support for her trial and painted Kwaito in such a bad light that the verdict could not only go either way… but Kwaito could find himself facing charges for serious crimes he has never even come close to committing. Will evil triumph over good?

There are new dangers in Turfloop and Joburg, but also new opportunities. We will journey with Leeto as he navigates the demands of his parents for him to get married. Two unlikely families may come together if their children manage to fight the obstacles to their relationship and actually tie the knot. A shaky alliance filled with mistrust and shared past secrets could be necessary for each family’s survival. Meanwhile, Tbose battles with skeletons from his past as Enhle gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about Ben Kunutu. What will she do if she ever discovers that the man she now believes is the love of her life holds a criminal record for killing a person?

Life on Gauteng University campus will never be the same when a shocking death divides alliances and breeds a dark atmosphere of mistrust, blame and a near riot. We will journey with our students as their abilities to survive in an ever-expanding, ever-changing world are tested to their very limit. They will learn that in the new world, they need to evolve or die.

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