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Brand Ambassador

Hugh Masekela – the world-renowned flugelhornist, trumpeter, bandleader, composer, singer, social, cultural and political herniate activist - has been selected as Assupol’s brand ambassador in 2012 as an extension of our mission and value of our brand.

This world icon has contributed significantly in the world music arena and has inspired generations of musicians and general communities around the globe. Masekela’s contribution does not end in music but extends to the promotion and preservation of African culture, heritage and the indigenous languages. It is thus imperative that such wealth of legacy is properly archived in the world’s annals of history and made available to the current and generations to come. Further to this, bra Hugh has a connection with people and that is why he is vital to our successful brand ambassador programme.

If you want to know why we have picked bra Hugh as brand ambassador? Then the answer is simple. In his words of wisdom, “Assupol shares the same passion I have for showing off and promoting the excellence of universal African heritage. They are dedicated to serious restoration of heritage to a visibility that matches world interest in our geographical sites and animals.” Bra Hugh, as he is lovingly referred to in the music circles, is deeply respected in his industry and has a wide audience that cuts through different ages and backgrounds. He is very passionate about the people of South African and our heritage – the same as Assupol does. We have a 100 year old history of serving the hard-working people of South Africa and we saw a good blending of values between the two brands. He also endorses our value of ‘serving those who serve’ – he does it through his music whereas we do it through the key financial service we provide to society.

The 74-year-old Hugh Masekela has not forgotten his roots.  He believes that a country’s heritage is kept alive by the community and it is visible that the South African society is one of the few societies imitating other cultures, especially American cultures. Our country, with so much history, heritage and culture, is being consumed by other countries’ cultures which, should this continue, will lead to our Heritage disappearing. Bra Hugh’s message to young and old is “to have passion for what you do and endless study of the profession you’re in is wisher than depending on your talent alone. This advice fits all ages.”

Bra Hugh continues “Assupol’s clients are from lower to medium-earning communities. I know that Assupol is focussed on making insurance affordable to them besides backing recreation such as we will keep on performing at the Soweto Cricket Oval in the years to come!”