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Trade Our Shares

Shares in Assupol Holdings Limited are traded on an over-the-counter (OTC) platform.

Using this platform, sellers and buyers can meet and transact in these shares.

In March 2013, Assupol completed its demutualisation when it distributed R890 million as a redemption pay-out to approximately 228,000 policyholders. The preference shares of some 12 000 policyholders, who elected to keep their shares were converted to ordinary shares.

To sell your shares or buy more shares, you need to register on the OTC platform, and provide the required documentation, including Fica documentation.  The OTC platform can be accessed at or by phoning (011) 321 5562.  It allows registration for natural persons, trusts and incorporated entities (such as a company or closed corporation).

If you wish to transact through your stockbroker, please ask him/her to contact the OTC call centre to register a broker account.

The OTC platform is provided by Singular Systems, who provide OTC platforms for a number of companies.