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Group Employee Plan

This plan makes it possible for businesses, particularly those with smaller workforces, to provide risk cover to their employees.

Businesses cannot always provide extensive employee benefits, but they often are expected to take care of funeral costs to assist the surviving family.

Benefits Offered

The benefits offered by this plan can be downloaded below:

The benefits listed are available at the premium stated at the top of the table, depending on the chosen plan. Further benefit details are available from Assupol Life. No proof of health is required, but waiting periods apply. Funeral benefits are paid within 48 hours, after all necessary documents and information have been received. Additional dependent children can be added at an additional R1.50 per child per month, from the 6th child. 

Funeral Benefit

  • The single plan covers the employee only.
  • The family plan covers the employee, one spouse and up to four dependent children under 22 or under 25 years if a full-time registered student.
  • Maximum entry age for the employee and spouse is 64.  

Accidental Death Benefit

In the event of the accidental death of a life insured, the following benefit amounts will be payable:
  • R12 500 for the employee or spouse
  • R 5 000 per child
  • Not more than R37 500 per family member involved in the same accident.

If the accident happens while travelling with public transport, e.g. taxi, bus or train, then  double these benefit amounts will be payable.

This benefit does not provide cover for persons younger than six months or older than 70 years.

Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit

If a life insured becomes permanently disabled as a direct result of an accident, a percentage of the benefit amount will be payable. Here are a few examples:
  • loss of hand : 100 %
  • loss of four fingers of one hand : 40 %
  • loss of sight of eye : 100 %
  • loss of foot : 100 %
  • loss of hearing of both ears : 75 %
  • loss of hearing of one ear : 15 %

Premium Waiver / Bridging Benefits

If the employee dies, we will, in the case of the family plan, pay the premium for 24 months from the date of death of the employee. In the event of the forced retrenchment of the employee, we will pay the premium for six months from the date of retrenchment.

Assupol On-Call

HIV Care Benefit

  • 24-hour, 365-days-per-year, call centre provides information, assistance and counselling on HIV/Aids.
  • Telephonic trauma counselling for rape incidents.
  • Two consultations for rape or trauma by an appropriate provider recommended by the call centre.
  • Two blood tests for rape or potential exposure cases. One immediately on potential infection and a second three months later to check sero-conversion.
  • Anti-retroviral or prophylactic therapy to prevent sero-conversion for a period longer than 28 days.
  • If required, registration only, into a management programme as recommended by the call centre.

Waiting Periods

The following waiting periods apply for the family funeral plan and the premium waiver benefit:

  • For death benefits, other than accidental death, a waiting period of three months from the start date of the policy.
  • No benefits are payable if the claim results directly or indirectly from suicide or attempted suicide, during the first 24 months from the start date of the cover, notwithstanding that such suicide or attempted suicide is the result of the insanity (temporary or permanent), mental illness, the influence of drugs or intoxication of the life insured.