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On-Call Plus

On the death of a life insured, you can claim one or more of the benefits listed below, up to a combined maximum of the On-Call Plus benefit amount.

For only R10 per month per life insured you can add On-Call Plus, and have these exciting extra benefits. To claim, you must phone 0861 235 664

Premium-payback may also apply:

If the full On-Call Plus benefit of a life insured is claimed as instantGroceries™, the benefit amount will be increased by an amount equal to all the premiums paid for the On-Call Plus benefit of that life insured – this is known as our premium-payback

For full provisions about Assupol's On-Call support click here

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  • Valid claims are paid within minutes after your claim has been registered.
  • An electronic voucher, we call it a wiCode, will be sent to the cellphone nominated by you or your beneficiary.
  • The benefit you choose can be spent at participating shops countrywide, there are thousands – this includes Boxer, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite.
  • You spend it at one or more of these shops by using a wiCode that we will send to the cellphone nominated by you or your beneficiary
  • If the full amount is not spent at a shop at one time, a new wiCode will be sent for the balance to be spent at another time.


Prepaid electricity

  • We will send a code to the cellphone nominated by you or your beneficiary, to be used on your pre-paid electricity meter.

Vehicle rental or cash for transport

  • Vehicle rental at discounted rates from rental companies contracted by us.
  • The vehicle rental is subject to the contract provisions of the rental company. The most important of these are that you must have a valid driver’s licence, pay a deposit for toll-fees and fuel, and sign a letter accepting responsibility for traffic fines and insurance excesses for damage to the vehicle.
  • A credit card is not needed. The deposit can be paid in cash or by debit card.
  • Instead of renting a vehicle, you can ask for cash and use it to pay for a bus, train or any other form of transport.

Cellphone airtime

  • Airtime from any network provider.
    • We will send it to the cellphone nominated by you or your beneficiary.


  • If you or your beneficiary chooses to receive the On-Call Plus benefit in cash, it will be paid when the funeral benefit is paid. 
  • If the benefit amount and premium for your funeral cover increase yearly, the benefit amount and premium for On-Call Plus increase yearly by the same percentage. The On-Call Plus benefit amount is R2 500 in the first year of the benefit. 
  • On-Call Plus benefits will not be paid if the life insured dies of natural causes or commits suicide within six months after the cover for that life insured started.