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Assupol On-Call

This benefit provides valuable support services

When a life insured dies

  • Transport of the deceased to the place of the funeral
  • Transport of up to four family members to the funeral
  • General telephonic information and guidance
  • General telephonic information on legal aspects
  • instantDiscounts™
  • Discount on funerals

While a life insured lives

  • Medical emergency support 
  • Information about medical matters
  • General medical assistance - by a qualified nurse
  • HIV/Aids support
  • Trauma counselling
  • Tutor assistance to children
  • Telephonic information about financial matters

To use this benefit, you must phone 0800 002 614. If you don’t, any costs incurred will be for your own account.

For full provisions about Assupol's On-Call support click here

Some benefits are provided on the death of the life insured, and become available when the claim for the funeral benefit is approved. All other benefits become available once the Assupol On-Call benefit starts. The services are provided by outsourced service-providers, and a service is available as a benefit under your policy as long as it is provided by them. The support services are provided in South Africa. Transport of a deceased life insured to the place of the funeral, telephonic medical assistance and telephonic trauma counselling are provided also in neighbouring territory – Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, below the 22 degree parallel line – if the person concerned travels in that territory.

When a life insured dies
Transport of the deceased to the place of the funeral – if it is more than 100 km from where he or she died up to R20 000 per life insured
Transport of up to four family members (spouse and children) to the funeral – if it takes place more than 50 km from the deceased’s home town

up to 150 km from the home town. Up to R100 per family member,

more than 150 km from the home town. Up to R500 per family member

General information and guidance by telephone
General information and legal aspects by telephone
InstantDiscounts™ booklet with discount coupons
Discount on funerals percentage discount
While a life insured lives
Medical emergency
Assistance in crisis by telephone
Ambulance transport to nearest, appropriate hospital full cost paid
Transport of stranded dependants full cost paid
Admission fee to hospital up to R10 000 per life insured per year
In-hospital monitoring – inform of progress by telephone
Transport of one visitor to patient in hospital after five days in hospital up to R2 000
Transport to hospital near home if patient hospitalised more than 100 km from home and has to stay in hospital five or more days full cost paid
Information about medical matters by telephone
HIV/AIDS support
Important information, councelling, referral to clinic by telephone
Morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy full cost paid
Anti-retroviral medication full cost paid
Medication to prevent sexually-transmitted infections full cost paid
Trauma councelling by telephone
Tutor assistance to children by telephone or email
Information about financial matters by telephone