Funeral Cover

Excellence Family Funeral Plan
A dignified funeral plus other valuable benefits

Our Excellence Family Funeral Plan provides money for your funeral, and funerals of your dependents. By paying as little as R70 every month, you can make sure of a dignified burial for you and your loved ones.

Our policy automatically includes benefits such as:

  • insurance for your family, without premiums, for 5 years after your death
  • our support line - Assupol On-Call
  • affordable premiums - which you can increase yearly to increase your benefits

Other benefits that you can add:

  • income for your family for 6 months after your death
  • a double pay-out on accidental death
  • cash back in your pocket every 4 years
  • insurance for your family, without premiums, for the life of your policy after your death

Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan

This funeral plan includes more than just funeral benefits. We believe that you must benefit from your policy while you are alive as well.

A choice of funeral cover for yourself, your spouse and your children between R3 000 and R20 000 is available.

The following optional benefits are available:

  • No Claim Bonus benefit after 4 claim-free years.
  • Accidental Death benefit is available for all lives insured.
  • Premium Waiver - premiums cease when the main life insured dies.
  • Family Income Benefit - R1000 per month is payable for 6 months after the death of the main life insured.
  • You may choose for your premiums and benefits to increase every year. Premiums will increase by 10% every year and benefits by 6% every year.
  • Assupol On-Call offers services such as trauma counselling, medical advice, HIV/Aids information advice line and the transportation of the deceased.
  • Extended family members up to the age of 79 years may be added to the funeral plan.

The Paid-Up feature is automatically included at no additional cost if the policyholder is younger than 55 years at the start of the policy. If this feature applies for a policy, premiums will no longer be payable after the policyholder's 65th birthday, and all benefits remains in force.

NOTE: Benefits are provided for life and will not cease once you turn 65, retire or leave your present employment.

Contract provisions will apply

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